Dutch cargo boat sank 4-1-43 after striking rocks.
Sitting upright on the seabed shoals of bib pouting, Pollack and conger eels.
A Rhine river barge sank by allied aircraft 7-12-1942.
Sitting upside down broken by engine room .shoals of bib, Pollack to be seen.

Armed trawler
Sank on approach to St Helier, very broken, lots of life around wreckage a nice easy dive
To start the season.

Dutch cargo boat sank 16-9-61 after striking rocks; she is sitting upright on the seabed
In quit good condition. Shoals of bib to be seen.

La Mauve
Sank for divers in 1993, she sits upright and has a mass of sea life on and around wreck

Another wreck sank for divers in 1999, it was to sit alongside the Mauve but it took longer to settle into the water and the tide took it approx half a mile to the west, it now lays upside down, again a lot of bib pouting.

Thought to be the M343 by many but it has twin props which the M343 only had one.
No matter what ship she was it is a very good dive, lots to see and abundant life.

Princess Enna
A passenger steam ship caught fire 9 miles of Jersey, the crew dropped anchor to fight the fire but unsuccessful and she sank on the 3-8-1930. This wreck is deeper than the most of the wrecks around the coast at approx 38mtr.

Walter Darre
Sank 4-7-44 by Canadian MTBs she is laying on her port side with the bow 90 degrees.
Conger eels abound on this wreck hiding in all the holes. Shoals of bib also.

Hinrich hey
This ship was sunk in the same action as the Walter D’are they sank within 5 mins and lie very close to each other. This wreck is pretty well broken up but is a lovely dive if just for the shoals of fish; the gun is still attached to the bow.

A British cargo boat sank 13-4-1919 after striking rocks just outside of ST Malo
We have not dived this wreck to date, so if you are interested lets go explore.

French cargo boat sank after striking the Paternosters reef, Depth high water approx 30mtr, Shoals of bib and large Conger to see.